Sustainability Planning

Sustainability planning helps ensure that those served by your organization that you will be there to support the community for the long haul! 

We work closely with your key stakeholders to create a 360-degree view that considers everything from human resources to board engagement to financial management. coLAB collaborates with your team to identify the challenges that could prevent your nonprofit from fulfilling its long-term vision and the opportunities to build your nonprofit’s strength and resilience. The result? Your team will move and adapts forward efficiently and strategically, with a set of tools and road map with actionable steps to achieve your organizational goals.

Mission-driven Strategic Planning

Our mission is to support community benefit organizations in achieving their vision. Whether you need to gain traction, build on momentum, or adapt to a shifting environment, strategic planning is a dynamic process where coLAB becomes an extension of your team. Together, we create a strategic plan that addresses challenges, highlights strengths, and pinpoints opportunities. This roadmap ensures your nonprofit fulfills its vision, fueled by the values, vision and mission statement of your organization.  

Strategy doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our strategic planning starts by creating a 360-degree, data driven view of your organization that values input from all stakeholders. From volunteers who sweat in the sun, board members who hash out policy, and community members you work tirelessly to serve.

We’ll collaborate with board members and key staff, through fun and engaging meetings or retreats, to think big, review feedback, identify mission creep, develop strategic priorities, and create an actionable plan that makes sense.

Our passion is working with organizations to revitalize a board that’s lost its mission, rally and align new leadership, engage staff, and elevate partnerships.


Project Management

Our team ensures your projects, whether short term or long term, don’t fall off the radar in the hustle and bustle of running your organization.  coLAB will identify project needs, create a project plan to meet those needs, and then follow up and stay connected regularly to ensure completion. We help by working with your team in implementing successful initiatives, through working independently and in teams. We will coordinate internal resources as well as third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects, ensuring they are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget. As the project evolves and concludes, our team will create and maintain comprehensive project documentation for your organization.

Meeting facilitation

Do your board’s meetings meander? Perhaps you need a third party to move the agenda forward? Maybe you lack the resources to convene critical meetings?
coLAB delivers a range of convening and facilitating services for Lancaster nonprofits and collaborative committees. When you get more out of your board meetings, everyone wins. We leverage expertise in group processes and dynamics to guide attendees through productive, efficient meetings, backed by experience in consensus building and conflict resolution.

Our facilitation services include

Group Visioning

Consensus Building

Conflict Resolution

Brainstorming & Ideation

Distributing the Agenda & Other Relevant Materials

Product Development

Collecting RSVPs

Staff & Leadership Retreats

Auditing Meeting Efficiency

Overseeing Meeting Organization

Planning & Coordinating Meetings

Hosting & Facilitating Meetings
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Take control of meetings so you can focus on the outcomes. Get in touch with coLAB to find out how we make meeting organization and facilitation an efficient, hassle-free experience.


Data-driven Impact Research

The coLAB team believes in the incredible insight that qualitative data can provide to support strategic decision making for organizations. We believe in looking at an organization from all angles, which includes investing time during our engagement with organizations to conduct interviews, focus groups and surveys in order to inform board and leadership teams in their development of strategies. Our team has facilitation and interview training, with the ability to provide analytical expertise because of our strong backgrounds in qualitative research. We use this dynamic experience to provide holistic findings to impact decision making for our clients.